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At TruNorth Automation, our mission is to foster long-term customer relationships by consistently exceeding expectations and providing innovative solutions that enhance lives and businesses. We aim to be more than just a machine provider; we aspire to be a trusted partner on the journey toward our customers' success.



Seamless integration of robotics into systems designed for precise small part handling and automated assembly processes. Our solutions optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and lower operational costs across various industries, delivering cutting-edge technology and reliable support for your business's success. Explore our robotic integration services to enhance your production processes and streamline operations for greater productivity and competitiveness.


Vision inspection, vision guided motion, and flexible automation for mulitple SKUs and low cost retooling. By combining vision inspection, vision-guided motion, and flexible automation, we empower businesses to achieve the perfect balance between product quality, production efficiency, and cost control. 

Laser Integration

From precise metal cutting to intricate plastic welding and high-precision ceramic drilling. We excel in harnessing the potential of various laser technologies, including fiber, UV, CO2, and lasers, to deliver tailored solutions that guarantee efficient and accurate material processing results. Whether you require ultrafast precision or versatile material processing capabilities, our laser integration solutions are designed to elevate your manufacturing processes to new levels of performance and productivity.

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